This page in English ...Az oldal magyarul ... With the spread of wireless communication and palm computers (PDAs), the scene is set nowadays to the arrival of mobil applications in use at mobile (non desk top locked) workplaces. As one of such application packages is ugrás a képernyő pillanatképekre...


helping catering at restaurants and hotels supporting administration, archivum.. and simplifying management analysis.

In a restaurant the half of the move of the waiters is expended on forwarding the placed orders while the rest is for delivering the goods, foods and drinks to guests. Although, beside ancient smoke and light signs, information forwarding could be done via mobile telephony in sound as well which at the present beginner development stage of natural speach processing could not help information and data processing, archiving i.e. the modern business handling still for a while.

With the appearance of the modern networking infrastructure and technologies, information processing helping jobs done on the move is supplemented/complemented with tools and applications following the use of goods and other resources and enabling flexible business practices. This goal is aimed by


serving jobs on the move.

Using tuch screen human interfaces and automated information forwarding during the development, a considerable part of work time and energy is disengaged and set free for caring more guests or spending more time on customers.

PalmWaiter application forwards placed orders to the barman and the cook while not disturbing the tasks being done incomming requests are not only visualized but by the concaatenation of stored elements of the menu is pronounced by human voice.

By watching the changes of inventory the application delivers a notice to draw attention to running out of food and drink stocks. Archives collected using palmWaiter serve not only rigorous administration duties but alongside posterior analysis they help scheduling of supplier's deliveries.

For the benefits of flexible handling of business information, technological data and invoicing system constitute non integrated modules, conversion interfaces are purposefully left free however. Consistent rigid framework of financial and accounting regulations and the need of flexible response to business processes indicate separation of the databases.

Alongside recieving time dependent food processing and security image material, arhives store stock consumption, second precise time stamp and participant staff data of technological and service events. Beside post calculation and analysis, catering managers could automatically satisfy compulsory cumulative administrative recording constraint and even be able investigate by data mining techniques which daytime and fellow workers and foods and drinks and how long order taking belongs to increased revenues. Not the faster is the better.

Using palmWaiter is easy like that of a mobile phone. As everyone is capable to use a mobile phone's basic functionality in the very moment, after preparing the menu and stock data every waiter is able to use palmWater application in a minute. Of course renewed style and way of work could unfavourably affect staff's presumed or real interest and in case staff members just even presuppose that then they retard implementation thus resisting technological change. With the help of relevant arguments the owner and/or manager in charge of staff could easily handle that.

             Increased guest satisfaction by implementation of palmWaiter

Having link to archived data guests could express their opinion at local terminals or via their mobiles or over internet sooner or a little later thus contributing to the sustainment or even improvement of the standard/level of service. By accessing evolving archive through standard database interfaces and linking guest feedbacks, innkeeper / management could conclude useful technological, supplier, organisational information via data mining.

By easily implementable benefits for returning regular guests, the company could form a stronger and stronger customer relation and with the help of automated handling of archived mass of information, regular guests discover how much they earn by visiting us and spending their money at our hotel/restaurant/pub. (Returning regular guests could automatically be detected in many ways e.g. by their bluetooth-enabled mobile phones as well.) PalmWaiter is even able to handle eg monthly prepaid credits of regular customers favourably recieving further incentives including special services while keeping their money in the frame of regular guest short term credit system. This could affect restaurant guest flow dramatically.     This show how

restaurant/hotelier system

equally helps and serves both guests and service providers.
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A bevezetés lépései serving jobs on the move. Not the faster is better.

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